Ivideon Bridge B1610

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Ivideon Bridge B1610 is a compact Plug and Play device with the integrated Ivideon service, which allows you to connect cameras and DVRs of any * manufacturers to the Ivideon service. Maximum through Bridge you can connect up to 16 cameras or DVR channels in any combination. Stable operation is guaranteed for a total bit rate of not more than 32 Mbit / s.
* - more than 98% of the devices on the market, Ivideon built-in support is not required

Ivideon Bridge B1610 only works with Ivideon paid rates for home or business.


• Ivideon Bridge B1610

• Power Adapter, 5V 1A

• Ethernet cable - 1 meter

• User's manual

Advantages Ivideon Bridge B1610:

1. Upgrade your system quickly and easily.

With Ivideon Bridge, you can quickly upgrade your existing video surveillance system without significant costs. Ivideon Bridge setup and connection of your cameras is carried out in the convenient user interface of Ivideon personal account.

2. High compatibility with cameras and DVR

Bridge will connect to Ivideon any device operating on one of the protocols: RTSP, ONVIF, Dahua and Hikvision. Dahua and Hikvision devices support native protocol integration.

3. Tariffing

For connected devices you can use any Ivideon tariffs for home or business except for the “Online” tariff plan (for home). Since Ivideon Bridge does not have a built-in local archive, we recommend using Ivideon Bridge only in the format of recording the archive to the cloud and subsequent work with the cloud archive, which will provide maximum speed of access and work with your data, as well as their 100% safety and protection.

4. Connection, configuration and management

Management and configuration Bridge is connected and configured in the Ivideon account. Connecting end devices to Bridge makes it easy to discover devices on the network that use UPnP and ONVIF protocols. To connect cameras or DVR ONVIF just specify the username and password. To connect devices using RTSP protocols, as well as devices manufactured by Dahua and Hikvision, you must select a device from the directory and specify a username and password.

5. Ivideon Services for Connected Devices

Connect your cameras and use modern Ivideon services:
• cloud archive recording
• intelligent archive search
• queue detection service
• video broadcasts
• universal access from PC, WEB interface and mobile devices

6. Local archive

Ivideon Bridge records a local archive from different cameras to an SD card up to 128 GB or external hard drives up to 512 GB each via USB connection. At the same time, archive recording is configured separately for each camera, and you can select your own recording mode for it - by motion / sound detectors, continuous recording or scheduled recording. Ivideon Bridge also provides access to local recordings on Dahua and Hikvision cameras and recorders of the 2018 and later models. Support for this function depends on the capabilities and software version of the end device.


360 g
100×100×15 (mm)
Bridge_user_guide_B1610_ENG.pdf download Ivideon_Bridge_B1610_Datasheet.pdf download
Ivideon_Bridge_CE-certificate.pdf download